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He slowly said, My new son seems very playful, but hes not as simple as he looks. I dont know if he really got these shops to squander, but he always seems to be on the right rhythm of things. That is powerful, very powerful! Not anyone can do that.


By this time, there were hundreds of people waiting outside the shop. All of them were here for the weapon that was displayed in the shop. There were a total of three attribute gems embedded in the weapon and the selling price was just one thousand!


Hong Dali’s plan was perfect. Everyone entered the Tower of Trials and killed themselves in level one. Hong Dali had to put in a little more effort. He had to run up to level thirty. Even Brother Blue Dragon was curious. “Kid, why are you so anxious? What are you doing?”


“Need you to ask?” Mihawk was not bothered at all. “Hang up everything, lock the doors, then we can go challenge the Tower of Trials or sleep and drink. Why bother asking me when you already know that?”


Qianxue always liked heroes. I thought that after so many years of trying, I would earn her liking. Who would have thought an almighty genius would appear. With Qianxues character, she is sure to develop feelings for this almighty genius. Its hard to predict what will happen later.


Human beings died in pursuit of wealth and birds died in pursuit of food. With the Galaxy Aristocrat gone, this great Mister Gate was able to control the situation. If not now, when? In just two seconds, a lucky person held the equipment and swung it around crazily. Hahahaha! I got it, I got it! Hahahaha!

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Luo Qiang sucked in a breath of cold air. A human head! This person even said he would stay here. Which meant, whenever they needed, they could engage his services!


“Oh, average looking.” Hong Dali originally intended to tell Yin Tianzong that he was the person, but he decisively changed his mind now! He hurriedly took out something from his bag and said, “Oh right, Brother Tianzong, I got the Meridian Seven Star Sword for you.”


Oh? So powerful? Jiang Duxing smiled and said, Speaking of which, his background is really quite impressive. He gave away a few pieces of top-grade energy gems which increases energy by 50% all at one go. Those are not things that ordinary people would have.


En, we better hurry. Tang Muxin winked at Hong Dali. Hong Dali pouted and swung his space watchWalaladangdang, fifty to sixty pieces of armors dropped on the ground.


“It’s a Strength +14 gem, what do you mean a few points of attribute?” Tang Long raged. “It’s less than one in ten thousand, and you say that the attribute is not high?”


“Wahahaha!” After hearing that, Gate laughed uproariously. He pointed at Mihawk as he clutched his stomach. He realized that the more he looked at Hong Dali, the more he liked him.


So, just like this, a large group of people visited shop by shop, level eleven, twenty-three, to the gem shop. In just one afternoon, but in the afternoon, all the shops were renovated. Hong Dali did not bother to go into much detail. He simply took down the partitions and made more seats.



“I… I don’t know who he is.” Jiang Qianxue’s delicate porcelain face flushed red. She said nervously, “I only know that I idolize him. I don’t even know if it is a man or a woman, young or old… I don’t know anything…”



Why? I just want to buy it, what do you mean why? The second person did not take it lying down. How about we take this outside?!


Tianyi thought to himself. This Hong Dali intentionally does business to lose money, does he have something up his sleeves to turn the tables around?


Li Yang had a full set of +13 and +14 top-grade gems on him. Most importantly, Hong Dali was not far from here and his halo was in range. The halo was effective on the attribute gems as well!

  • “Oh, it’s just a Tower of Trials, that’s not very exaggerating, right?” Hong Dali really wasn’t very concerned with this—speaking of which, he didn’t intend to go so high, he just wanted to stroll around…
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